MISE Italy: "Circular Economy Call"

Bando “Economia circolare

Description and Goals

The call is dedicated to research and development projects in the context of the circular economy in which the value of the products, of materials and resources is kept for as long as possible, and the production of waste is reduced to a minimum. The intervention supports industrial research and experimental development, closely related to each other in relation to the objective envisaged by the project and aimed at the creation of new products, processes or services or the significant improvement of products, existing processes or services, through the development of key enabling technologies (KeyEnabling Technologies, KETs).

The projects must be aimed at the productive reconversion of economic activities within the economy

circular, in one or more of the following lines of action:

  • product and process innovations in terms of efficient use of resources and waste treatment and transformation, compreso il riuso dei materiali in un’ottica di economia circolare o a «rifiuto zero» e di compatibilità ambientale (eco-friendly innovations);
  • prototype design and experimentation of integrated technological models aimed at strengthening the paths of industrial symbiosis, through, for example, the definition of a systemic approach to reduction, recycling and reuse of food waste, the development of integrated water cycle systems and the recycling of raw materials;
  • system, tools and methodologies for the development of supply technologies, the rational use and sanitation of water;
  • innovative technological tools capable of increasing the life time of products and making the production cycle more efficient;
  • experimentation with new models of intelligent packaging (smart packaging) which also include the use of recovered materials;
  • multi-light material selection systems, in order to increase the recovery and recycling rates of small and light materials.

Eligible expenses

The following expenses are allowed:

  • employees or collaborators;
  • newly manufactured tools and equipment;
  • consultancy services, acquisition / licensing of search results, of patents and know-how;
  • overheads calculated on a flat-rate basis to the extent of 25% of the eligible costs of the project;
  • materials used for carrying out the project, newly manufactured.
  • The costs of the project must not be less than euros 500 thousand and not exceeding euros 2 millions.

Amount of the contribution

The facility provides:

a subsidized loan for the 50% of the expenses and eligible costs of the project and can be granted in the presence of an associated bank loan granted by a financing bank. The bank loan is granted at a market rate and covers a nominal percentage of at least 20% of eligible expenses.

A contribution to the expense, to the extent of the following percentages of the expenses and eligible costs of the project:

  • 20% for micro and small businesses, and for research organizations
  • 15% for medium-sized enterprises;
  • 10% for large companies.

When to participate

It is possible to apply from 10/12/2020 while funds are used up.

Who can participate

Companies of any size carrying out industrial activities, agroindustriali, craftswomen, of services to industry and research centers, presenting projects individually or jointly.

For joint projects only, research organizations are also admitted, public and private, as co-proponents.

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