MISE Italy: “Bando Smart Money”


MISE Italy: “Bando Smart Money”

Description and Goals

The Smart Money incentive is aimed at innovative startups who intend to take advantage of the specialized services and qualified know-how of the representatives of the innovation ecosystem to define their business project and prepare for market launch. Smart Money aims to facilitate the meeting between innovative startups and the network of incubators and other authorized entities to strengthen the presence of startups in Italy and support the potential of innovative companies in difficulty in dealing with the epidemiological emergency from COVID -19.


Eligible expenses

The announcement provides two forms of intervention to support innovative startups:


1) Non-repayable grants for the purchase of services provided by the network of incubators, accelerators and other authorized entities

To obtain the subsidy, companies will have to present development projects which:

  • contain an innovative solution to be proposed on the market, with a scalable business model, to be developed in operational details at a later stage
  • focus on the value of technological and managerial skills within the company, through the partners and / or the proposed team, or with professionalism to be found on the market
  • are in the market identification phase or are close to the market test phase, with the development of a prototype (Minimum Viable Product) o con la prima sperimentazione del prodotto o servizio per misurare il gradimento dei potenziali clienti e/o investitori.
  • The projects must include activity plans to be implemented in at least 12 mesi ed evidenziare che l’utilizzo dei servizi specialistici sia diretto ad accelerare lo sviluppo di uno specifico progetto.

Eligible services must be provided by the actors of the innovation ecosystem (incubators, accelerators and innovation hubs) We offer consultants for Italian companies they can relate:

  • organizational consultancy, operational and strategic for the development and implementation of the project
  • the management of intellectual property
  • support in the self-assessment of digital maturity
  • technology development and scouting
  • prototyping, with the exception of the functional prototype
  • preparatory work for crowfunding campaigns
  • Incubation services such as the rental of physical space and ancillary connection services and networking activities are also eligible, if directly connected to the services indicated in the list.

2)Investments in the venture capital of innovative start-ups

Smart money prevede una seconda forma di sostegno per le startup innovative che completeranno il piano di attività ammesso con la linea di intervento 1.

Startups can indeed request a second non-repayable grant if they have received risk capital from authorized entities, investitori qualificati o business angels per finanziare i loro piani di sviluppo.

To obtain the contribution related to the investment, the transaction must be in equity, for an amount greater than 10.000 euro, not to reach the majority stake in the share capital and guarantee a permanence for at least 18 months. E la raccolta fondi deve essere avvenuta senza l’intermediazione di piattaforme di equity crowdfunding.

Amount of the contribution

The subsidy for projects related to line 1 provide for a non-repayable grant for a maximum amount of 10.000 euro che può coprire fino all’80% of eligible expenses.

The subsidy for projects related to line 2 foresee a non-repayable grant equal to 100% of the investment in venture capital, within the overall limit of 30.000 euro.


When to participate
The terms to participate will be announced shortly.


Who can participate

Innovative startups consisting of less than 24 months and registered in the special section of the business register. They must be based in Italy, be small in size and in one of the following stages:

  • business start-up;
  • experimentation of the business idea (pre-seed);
  • final market test to measure interest in the product / service (seed).

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