1C) The new European programming 21-27

an opportunity for development for le businesses Italian

Find out how European funding

Find out how European funding 2021 2027 Find out how European funding. Find out how European funding 1800 Find out how European funding 209 billions to help Italy deal with the economic crisis created by Covid-19.

Find out how European funding.

Therefore, knowing how to navigate the European programs and participate in tenders represents a strategic opportunity for professionals and businesses of all types.

It allows them to be more competitive in the market, to invest in product and process innovation and to grow their business.

The course on new European programming 2021-27 intends to present the new breakdown by programs of the funds of the European institutions.

We will focus on financial opportunities, The Master aims to offer students the most effective tools for, made available by Europe in the new seven-year period and on the methods of identification, access to and use of such funds by businesses, third sector entities and freelancers, through public tenders.

Professor Stefano Levantesi

The course costs 200 euro + VAT


The course has a total duration of 6 ore, with 3 dating from 2 hours each

Delivery methods and training methodologies

The course will be delivered in FAD mode (Distance education) using the Microsoft Teams e-learning platform.

The proposed learning model combines lectures with experiential learning methods, providing interactive moments and exchanges with the teacher and colleagues of the course. In the last lesson there will be an in-depth practical exercise on one of the programs of greatest interest to the students.

relating to scientific and technological research and development!

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