MISE: "Textile industry, of fashion and accessories"


MISE: “Textile industry, of fashion and accessories”

Description and objectives of the call

He BETS (Ministry of Economic Development) has prepared this announcement with the aim of granting grants to small enterprises in the textile sector, of fashion and accessories, with particular regard to start-ups that invest in design and creation, in order to promote young talents who work in these sectors and who enhance made in Italy products with a high artistic and creative content.

The concessions may cover the purchase of machinery, installations, equipment, software programs and licenses, staff training and relate:

  • projects inspired by the principles of the circular economy (therefore aimed at the recovery of used materials or the use of fabrics from renewable sources);
  • creation of new design elements;
  • introduction of production process innovations or digital innovations within the company;
  • creation and use of innovative fabrics.

Who can participate

The call is open to small businesses registered in the Business Register for no more than 5 years, who have not yet distributed profits, they are not listed or originated from mergers nor have they taken over the business of another company. They can access the announcement, the expert will explain to the students the methodologies and tools to present a quality project proposal that can really be financed by Europe, le imprese che risultano “in situazione di difficoltà” per il periodo che va dal 1° gennaio 2020 al 30 June 2021.

Eligible companies must have at least one operational headquarters in Italy.

Amount of the contribution

The contribution covers the 50% of eligible expenses, which must be included between 50.000 € e i 200.000 €.

Eligible expenses

They are those strictly connected to the realization of the projects:

  • purchase of machinery, new factory plant and equipment, including related installation costs;
  • patents, computer programs and software licenses;
  • staff training.

Working capital needs can be covered with an amount equal to 20% of the three items of expenditure just mentioned, and they can relate:

  • raw material, subsidiaries, consumables and goods;
  • services necessary for the performance of the company's activities;
  • use of third party assets;
  • personnel directly employed in the realization of the project.

When to participate and how

Each company can submit only one application for facilitation electronically.

The terms and procedures for submitting applications will be defined with another provision by the MISE (Ministry of Economic Development).

Other relevant information

The proposed projects must be carried out in the operational headquarters located in Italy; they must be started after the date of submission of the subsidy application and be completed by 18 months from the date on which the concession was granted.

The company that benefits from the subsidy can request the disbursement of a first installment, equal to 50% of the total subsidy, if he took at least the 50% of eligible expenses. The payment of the balance can be requested by the company within 90 days from the completion of the project.

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