MISE Italy: "Companies of the social economy"


MISE Italy: “Bando Imprese dell’economia sociale

Description and Goals

The measure Social economy enterprises is the facility made available by the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) to promote the dissemination and strengthening of the social economy, supporting the birth and growth of the companies that operate, throughout the national territory, for the pursuit of deserving general interests and purposes of social utility.

The measure finances i investment programs proposed by companies operating in the social economy, who must pursue one or more of the following objectives:

  • employment increase of disadvantaged categories;
  • social inclusion of vulnerable individuals;
  • achievement of specific objectives aimed at safeguarding and enhancing the environment, of the territory and of the historical and cultural heritage;
  • achievement of any other benefit deriving from an activity of significant public interest or social utility capable of meeting a specific need within a community or territory through an increase in the availability or quality of goods or services.

Eligible programs must be:

  • compatible with the statutory purposes of the proposing company;
  • fall within the sectors of social activity relating to each type of beneficiary enterprise according to
    provisions of the social regulations in force;
  • functional to the activity of general interest exercised by the company within the sectors to which it belongs.

Eligible expenses

The expenses incurred under the investment programs to be eligible must be incurred by the beneficiary company starting from the date of submission of the application and relating to the purchase of goods and services falling into the following categories:

  • company land and its arrangements;
  • manufactured, building works / masonry, including renovations;
  • machinery, new factory plant and equipment;
  • computer programs commensurate with the production and management needs of the company; patents, licenses and trademarks;
  • specialist training of the shareholders and employees of the beneficiary company, functional to the realization of the project;
  • specialist advice, such as economic and financial feasibility studies, design and construction management, environmental impact assessment studies;
  • charges for building permits and legal tests;
  • expenses for obtaining environmental or quality certifications;
  • general expenses inherent in the conduct of business activities.

Amount of the contribution

L’agevolazione consiste in un co-finanziamento che copre l’80% of the admitted costs. The loan can last up to 15 years, inclusive of a maximum pre-amortization period of 4 years, and it is composed as follows:

70% loan at a subsidized rate of the 0,5 percent per annum;
30% Bank financing, at market rate and of equal duration, disbursed by an affiliated lending bank.

In addition to the financing, a non-repayable grant up to 5% of eligible expenses, only for programs involving investments not exceeding 3 million euros, and which fall within the scope of the regulation (UE) n. 1407/2013.

Investment programs must include eligible expenses, net of VAT, not less than 100.000,00 euro and not higher than 10.000.000,00 relating to scientific and technological research and development.

When to participate

It is possible to apply from 07 November 2017 while resources are used up.

Who can participate

  • Social enterprises, registered in the special section of social enterprises of the Business Register, provided they are incorporated in the form of a company (of people or capital);
  • Social cooperatives, referred to in the law 381/1991 and related consortia, iscritte nella categoria «cooperative sociali» dell’Albo nazionale delle società cooperative del Ministero dello sviluppo economico- dal 20 July 2017 social cooperatives have acquired the status of social enterprises (art. 1, comma 4, of the d.lgs. 112/2017);
  • Cooperative companies with ONLUS qualification, registered in the National Register of Cooperative Societies of the Ministry of Economic Development and in the single registry of the ONLUS, at the Ministry of Economy and Finance

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