POR FESR Emilia Romagna: "Call for the digital transition of craft businesses"


POR FESR Emilia Romagna: “Call for the digital transition of craft businesses”

Description and Goals

The Emilia-Romagna region announces this call to grant non-repayable loans to artisan businesses that want to start technological and digital innovation projects in order to increase their efficiency, reduce environmental impacts, strengthen their positioning in the supply chain to which they belong.

Who can participate

The announcement is aimed at artisan companies that:

  • belong to the manufacturing sector (section C of the Ateco Code);
  • carry out their business in a value chain to which one or more manufacturing companies belong.

These companies must have the local unit or operational headquarters in Emilia-Romagna.

Amount of the contribution

The grant that can be granted covers the 40% of eligible expenses and can reach a maximum of 40.000 € a fondo perduto.

Coverage can reach 45% of eligible expenses if:

  • the project has a positive impact on company employment;
  • the company is predominantly female and / or young in terms of financial participation in the share capital;
  • the company has an annual turnover equal to or greater than 2 million euros and has a quality rating;
  • the company operates in mountain areas or in areas of the region included in the national state aid charter.

The overall investment for the implementation of the proposed interventions must have a size of not less than 30.000 €.

Eligible expenses

  • purchase of capital goods, of software and user licenses directly functional to the project;
  • consultancy costs for the definition of organizational innovation strategies, process and management or for the introduction of technologies 4.0;
  • costs of personnel dedicated to the acquisition of the skills necessary to manage innovations.

Admissible interventions must be carried out between 1 January 2021 and the 31 December 2021.

Admissible interventions

  • introduction / implementation of at least one of the 9 enabling technologies provided for by the national business plan 4.0 (Internet of Things, Big data analytics, Horizontal and vertical integration of systems, Virtual simulations, Robotics, Cloud computing, Augmented reality, 3d printers, Cybersecurity);
  • adaptation and connectivity of the systems, existing equipment and systems for at least one of the enabling technologies provided for by the national business plan 4.0;
  • adoption of other digital technological solutions aimed at optimizing the functions of platforms and digital applications for managing relationships between components, related to design, execution, logistics and maintenance.

When to participate

Applications must be submitted between hours 10.00 of 13 April 2021 and hours 13.00 of 20 April 2021. Expense reports must be sent by 28 February 2022.

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